Video Production Dublin is a form of visual entertainment created through videography, cameras, and film. The term video production describes all aspects of video production, from videography (the process of shooting video using electronic or physical media) to editing, color correction, original sound, and marketing. It can also refer to computer animation or films shot on a digital camera. For example, video production can create television commercials, corporate training videos, or brand promotion.

The demand for video production and videography in Dublin has increased substantially. This has been made possible by the growth in the independent film industry in Dublin and the growth in online production companies offering creative services across a wide range of platforms.

Video production in Dublin can be utilized for many different reasons but often involves shooting music videos, storyboard and design, animation, and video games. Companies that specialize in the above-mentioned services have a great deal of expertise in the field, and many can produce television-quality video productions for a range of different clients.