Water pipes are a great way to smoke tobacco, legal herbs, or medical marijuana. They are also known as hookahs, shisha, and narghile. Water pipe smoking is an ancient tradition that’s been around for hundreds of years! It’s believed that the first water pipes came to Egypt in AD 1450. They were then spread throughout Europe and Asia by Arab traders, who brought their tobacco-based blends with them from Africa. They have since evolved, and today you will find many different types.

1) They are safer than cigarettes;
2) Hookah lounges are becoming increasingly popular;
3) There is not enough research on the long-term effects of Water Pipe Smoking to make any conclusions.

Smoking through a water pipe allows you to take deeper breaths and inhale more tar than with cigarettes; this makes it easier to get high without the need for large quantities of herb. They have also been proven safer than smoking cigarettes because they filter out many harmful chemicals before the smoke reaches your lungs.

Water pipe smoking is pretty simple! You use tobacco that has been combined with additives like honey, molasses, or glycerin to make the smoke sweeter.
Water pipes are usually enjoyed in social settings where many people can share one device.