A bugle call is a short preformed tune, originated as a signaling device for a drumming drum, sounding a signal to invite an audience to take part in an event, an engagement, a march, a meeting, or any form of social gathering. Historically, bugles, bells, and other noisy musical instruments were utilized for audible communication in the confusion and chaos of a battlefield. The use of bugles eventually evolved into calling a single-note signal, which became the foundation of modern music. A variety of modern devices, like cell phones, karaoke machines, MP3 Players, and others, all utilize the basic principle of playing bugle to communicate with their audience. This article will discuss how these musical instruments work and how you can use them to play a unique sound that may not be heard anywhere else.

Although there are many different uses for bugle calls, they typically represent an instrument made from wood or metal. Brass, aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel are also used to make bugle instruments. These instruments can be found online at online merchants specializing in music equipment, musical accessories, and handcrafts.