DDLG (Daddy Dom / Little Girl) refers to a relationship in which one person takes on the role of the caregiver (daddy) and the other the role of a childlike figure. This is a BDSM relationship that may or may not involve sex but that is not a relationship between an actual father and his daughter.

DDLG Clothes for this type of role play range from school girl outfits to fluffy pink pajamas. It can include dinosaur miniskirts and pants with yes daddy printed on the tush. DDLG clothing can be chosen for particular times of the day; if the scene is set at night, for example, a piggy onesie or panda pajamas could be an option. The aim of this type of clothing is to emphasize the childishness of the person playing the role of the little girl and there a wide array of options available on the market for childlike clothes for adults.