Koi flakes are food that you can feed your Koi fish. The major ingredients of the flakes are fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, Spirulina and dry brewers yeast. Each are briefly described below

• Fish Meal – is the major ingredient in Koi fish food. It is made from pieces of white fish flesh and is considered ideal for Koi since they are also a white fish. It provides high levels of proteins and histamines that the fish requires.

• Wheat Flour – is used as a bonding agent to create the flakes or pellets and is also a source of energy for the fish.

• Wheat Germ Meal – is an efficient way for the fish to process the protein contained in wheat and is an indispensable ingredient of quality Koi food.

• Spirulina – is a floating micro algae that is widely used as a nutritional supplement that contains protein, vitamins and minerals that the fish require.

• Dry Brewers Yeast – is a nutritious additive that contains amino acids and vitamins in and ideal balance.