Individuals who are diagnosed with autism or ADHD may have difficulty sitting still. This can cause issues when they are reading, listening to lectures, or participating in other stationary learning activities. Fidget toys can help these people sit still more comfortably.

The best fidget toys are:

Fidget Spinners

Spinners are easy to find in many toy stores, gas stations, and department stores. They’re available in many colors, fun to spin, and a good way to keep your hands moving and your brain entertained.

Tangle Toys

These fidget items can be picked up at a local toy store or purchased online. This type of puzzle toy keeps your mind focused and helps you feel less restless.

Thinking Putty

There are numerous varieties of putty available, so you can select the color you prefer. You can also choose glow in the dark putty, magnetic putty, and more.

The best fidget toy, however, is the one that works well for you so that you can sit still and focus.