When you are becoming a lineman there are tons of things you will need to know and do in order to work on the power lines. There are many tools that are needed to get the job done right including lineman battery operated compression tools. Lineman battery operated compression tools are the best when it comes to tools that lineman use. You may be wondering what type of work do the lineman do, what are their responsibilities? Let me answer your question about what are their duties for you.

One thing that lineman do is string or splice wires from a non energized pole to a area that is energized and hook them up. They are always working with a great deal of electricity making their job very dangerous. They will need to be making wires longer or shorter to make sure they fit exactly how they need to fit so that you get the power that is needed to get electricity to your home.

Regularly works above ground on poles or steel towers using climbers and safety belt or operating man lift equipment, boom truck or other specialized equipment. They are consistently looking for faulty wires that may cause black outs.

Sometimes lineman will be rerouting wires above ground, under ground, around houses and buildings. Always working in close proximity to live wires so they at all times have to be aware of what they are doing.

They install, transfer or fix cross wires, pens, and transformers to ensure all of them are in working order. They will do all the repairs using all types of hand tools such as power tools and hand tools. They have to operate their tools and fix the issues all while being aware of the electric pole or line they are working on at the time.

Lineman install, transfer or fix transformers. The transformers are what puts the power to the power lines so without transformers you would not have electricity in your home or at your business. While they are working on the transformers they are cutting and splicing wires, working on circuits,and other overhead lines. They will have to shut the power off to the transformer to do this work safely so for a few minutes you may be without power but that will be alright as long as you are saving a lineman’s life.

May install street to areas that need to be lite up at night to keep you safe. They may also need to change the locations of where transformers are located on maps so that if something were to go wrong they know exactly where the transformer is that is causing the trouble. It is very important to know where exactly the transformers are in case of emergencies.

Lineman also perform major repairs and emergency repairs that may cause the power to go out. Not only are they fixing the problem but they have to know what the problem is in the first place so they are kinda like detectives when it comes to finding what went wrong.

They have to inspect working poles, lines and transformers for damage that could cause an outage or a transformer to break. It is very important to keep the lines and transformers in working order.

Regardless of what is going on with the power lines, it is very clear that the lineman are the most important people when it comes to keeping our power on and in perfect working order. They face danger every day but they still get up and come to work to make sure we have electricity.