Urban Planning Projects are a complex and often politically-charged process which are focused upon the design and development of the urban area. It includes the infrastructure and public transportation passing through it, air, water, and infrastructure, and communications and transport pass through it.

It can also include the public regarding involvement in planning decisions, such as neighborhood meetings and citizen advisory councils. Planning of urban areas is done to serve the public as a whole and ensure that certain areas are developed while others remain undeveloped.

The design and planning of an urban planning project involve the use of many different elements. In urban settings, where urbanization is associated with high density and interconnectedness, the urban planner has an important role to play in the design of the area to be developed. They determine the type of roads, drainage, lighting, public transport, facilities, schools, health care, commercial establishments, shopping centers, and industrial zones required for the area to become developed, and how these areas will be connected and interconnected.