Water Pipe Smoking and Bongs are very popular methods of smoking pipes. There are two types of pipes that are used for smoking; sandstone and metal types. Both have their unique smoking procedure, and this type of smoking can be done by almost anyone who has basic hand and lung health. This makes it a very popular way to smoke, and many people have a glass bowl on the side of their house where they can do this kind of smoking.

There are a couple of different ways to smoke a water pipe, but the most common way to smoke it is by taking a long thin glass stem and wrapping it around the bottom of the pipe. You then light up the hookah, or in other words, start to inhale the smoke from the hookah. As you inhale the smoke, you will notice that it gets hotter until you have reached your full inhaling limit. You can also hold some water in your mouth and spray it into the hookah so that you get a little bit more smoke.