You’ve probably heard the saying “lions do not eat gazelles,” and while we’re not zookeepers, there is some wisdom to such an idea. The same foods that are healthy for humans may also be healthy for dogs — just in different proportions. For example, both human and canine bodies benefit from a diet rich in protein, grains, and water.

Dogs love treats just as much as we do! Healthy dog treats are a great way to train your pup and reinforce positive behavior. But what makes a treat healthy for dogs? Some ingredients to consider: Vegetables: Carrots and Sweet Potato Dates: High in fiber and great for dental health Peanut Butter: Contains healthy fats, protein, and vitamin B Flax Seeds: Great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Do you often feel guilty when giving your dog those store-bought treats? Do you wish that you could provide a treat that’s wholesome and a bit healthier for them but still tasty? If so, then look into making your own healthy dog treats. A great way to make homemade treats is by using fresh foods.