If you are currently nursing an infant, shopping your options in breastfeeding activewear can help you stage a comfortable and gradual return to your pre-pregnancy fitness routine. These garments are designed to provide the extra airflow and support that new moms need. They offer adequate protection and security for those performing high-impact and dynamic moves. Following are several benefits provided by these products that make them well-worth investing in.

Coverage and support are the first and most obvious benefits of activewear designed for breastfeeding women. With extra weight and a dramatic change in your physical proportions, these features not only make you feel better when moving around, but they can also prevent a range of back and neck injuries. This is also true of products that are meant to provide additional support at the lower abdominal area where muscles are often still sore, relaxed, and weak. These garments are additionally designed with breathability in mind. Many are made with materials that have natural wicking properties or built-in thermal control capabilities. As such, women can avoid accumulations of sweat that can lead to unpleasant rashes and other forms of skin irritation.