The traditional dress of tango is not too different than traditional European dresses. There is a difference in colors, but the style and form are very similar. The traditional Argentine tango dress has three main parts: the blouse, skirt, and shoes.

The Top

The blouse is long-sleeved with buttons that start on one side of the collarbone to the other across the chest. The top generally has asymmetrical sleeves that are ruffled, which is traditional in Argentina. The material of the blouse can vary, but it’s generally made with silk or lace and sometimes a little bit of velvet, depending on what type of event you’re attending.

The skirt

The skirt on this traditional Argentine tango dress will be around knee-length or slightly shorter with a decorative edge at about mid-thigh level. They usually have a slit on the back to allow for more movement during traditional tango routines.

The Shoes

Argentine Tango shoes are generally black and plain with a very low, thin heel that allows excellent stability when walking across the dance floor. These heels also help you pivot quickly, which is vital in traditional tangos as well as ballroom dances like salsa.

To conclude, the traditional Argentine tango dress is rich in conventional design and cut. It should be worn with classic argentine tango shoes to complete the look.