Freight auditing is a process to look at the quality of the freight delivered. Freight auditing is done by looking at the conditions of the shipping company, the way the freight is managed, and the way it is packaged before it is sent off.

By definition, a freight audit is a review of all conditions of shipping goods in which the condition is assessed to ensure that the goods are of the same quality as when they left the warehouse. There are different types of audits that a freight inspector can do, but generally, the freight inspector looks at packaging and management conditions.

The process of freight auditing is a relatively simple one. The inspector goes to the warehouse to see if everything was there, in good condition, for the right length of time. If there were any issues, they will document it and send it back to the shipper, who has 30 days to investigate the problem and fix it. Most of the time, the freight will be inspected in the same spot where the cargo arrived.