Leadership skills Assessment Questionnaire (LSQ) is a process that helps to evaluate and identify the leadership skills of managers and employees. The concept behind this procedure is to determine the skills necessary for a manager or an employee to handle and fulfill the responsibilities that he has. The questionnaire helps to identify the particular areas of the skills that are needed for better performance. Through the skills assessment, a manager or an employee will understand what he needs to do to improve his skills and perform better in his job.

The skills assessment process starts by developing a questionnaire by a qualified individual who is aware of the proper and specific questions to be asked. The development team then prepares the questionnaire. The development team usually includes the career counselor, a psychologist, a human resource expert, and a member of the organization that requires the improvement of the manager’s skills or the employee. After completing the questionnaire, the results are analyzed, and a report is prepared for the improvement of the skills of the leader or the employee.