Magnesium oil is manufactured from a combination of flakes of magnesium chloride and water. When mixed, the resulting liquid feels like oil but is not actually an oil. It provides magnesium in a form that is easy to absorb and can raise levels of the nutrient in a person’s body when it is applied to the skin.

Magnesium as a nutrient has the following benefits:

• Regulates nerve and muscle functions
• Supports the body during pregnancy and improves a woman’s lactation
• Helps maintain healthy levels of sugar in a person’s blood
• Maintains healthy blood pressure
• Helps in the production of protein and bone mass as well as helping maintain healthy DNA

Magnesium is sold commercially as an oil and in pill or capsule form. Magnesium oil uses largely consist of rubbing it on any part of the skin and can be purchased in spray bottles to facilitate this.