What Is Physiotherapy And What Happens In A Treatment?


What is WorkCover physiotherapy? Workcover physiotherapy is a program that assists work-related injuries. It provides occupational therapy, works rehabilitation, and work capacity assessments to individuals who are injured or ill as a result of their work. The goal of this service is to assist with the recovery process, reduce the risk of injury in the future, and protect one’s employment status.

Work cover physiotherapy services can be accessed through an employer’s workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) or privately through an allied health professional such as your local physio clinic.

The treatment process for WorkCover physiotherapy starts with an assessment which will include questions about your medical history, physical activity levels, pain levels, and more. This allows your therapist to work out a treatment plan that is best suited to your injury or work-related condition.

After the assessment, you will have appropriate exercises and stretches prescribed as well as any other treatments required such as electrotherapy (e.g., ultrasound), massage therapy, kinesiology taping techniques, dry needling, etc. A WorkCover physiotherapy course of six sessions is usually recommended but not always necessary depending on each individual case.

The WorkCover provider may ask for regular reviews after the initial treatment has been completed in order for them to monitor your progress and adjust your work cover claims accordingly if needed. This also allows another opportunity for further assessments and re-assessments which can help determine whether an alternative form of management like surgery would be more beneficial for your work cover claim.

Why is this important?

WorkCover physiotherapy is a common requirement for work cover claims and Work Cover providers can be very strict on what they accept as treatment options. By understanding the requirements of WorkCover physiotherapy, you will give yourself more confidence in managing your own WorkCover claim effectively or seek out an alternative provider if needed.

By choosing to see a WorkCover specialist at Physio NSW we ensure that all patients are managed according to their specific work cover guidelines so there’s no need to worry about getting it wrong!

What else should I know?

WorkCover physio is designed to provide injured workers with appropriate treatment for work-related injuries.

It’s important to begin physiotherapy early-with the earlier you start WorkCover physiotherapy, the sooner your injury will recover and return back to work!

However, if you are unable to see a WorkCover provider due to time constraints or geographical location, Physio NSW takes all major health funds as well as Medicare so that anyone can access our services regardless of their work status.

In conclusion, WorkCover physiotherapy is an important part of work cover claims that should not be overlooked.

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