From the moment that you purchase a new device and turn it on, you begin customizing it to meet your needs. You may be asked to sign in with an email account, create a unique login or password, or link it to other technologies. Some devices even require consumers to enter in payment information for covering the costs of services, downloads, apps, and other products and services. Should you ever choose to part with your device, you’ll want to make sure to clear all stored information out. The best way to do this is by hitting the factory reset button.

This is a tiny, inconspicuous button that often requires you to insert a pin-sized tool into a tiny hole on the machine. It isn’t easy to access because product manufacturers do not want to consumers to press this button accidentally. Once depressed, this button will clear all stored information and return the unit back to its factory settings. When it’s turned on again, the device will look and perform exactly as it did after the initial purchase.