If you are constantly tired or constantly feeling less than your best, one of the best ways to improve your well-being may be to adjust your diet. Using food as medicine is a common practice for naturally resolving a broad range of mild, moderate, and even severe health issues. This is a two-fold process that involves limiting or ceasing consumption of foods and food ingredients that diminish your health while additionally loading up on foods and food groups that support optimum functioning. The best foods for these efforts are often fresh, nutrient-dense, and served closest to their naturally occurring states. Moreover, when it comes to determining which foods you will limit or eliminate entirely, you’ll generally want to focus on those options that are highly processed, highly refined, and far removed from the way in which they naturally occur. This is usually foods that are high in sugar, high in hydrogenated or otherwise refined fats, and foods that have an abundance of added sodium. Making an array of simple changes in how you eat can have a rapid and very dramatic effect on your energy, your mood balance, and many other aspects of your general physical and mental health.