A Portfolio Director Melbourne is a professional who is able to confidently direct, co-ordinate and manage the daily operations of an organization or project. Here are five qualities that will help you identify a strong director.

1. Organised — You can see their planning and organization skills in the high quality of deliverables. They’re able to concisely communicate clear goals and expectations with all parties involved.

2. Clear communicator — A director is a great listener who will ask questions and seek clarification when needed to ensure that everyone understands what’s required of them and how they’ll be measured.

3. Flexible — You can see a director’s ability to function under pressure and change when working with clients, colleagues, and managers. They’re able to adapt their plan, methods, and approach for different people according to their needs while maintaining high standards of work performance.

4. Focuses on the big picture — A director is able to look at the big picture so that nothing gets missed. As they understand the scope of each project, they are aware of dependencies and can communicate with their team without missing a beat.

5. Mentoring skills — A director is able to assist others in improving their performance by developing an action plan with them, tracking their progress.