Many CEOs struggle with executive coaching because they are not thinking clearly enough to obtain the benefits. A study was conducted by the executive coaching company, executive coach, and executive search firm Partners for Successful Organizations (PSO), which found that “CEOs most often felt their most significant need is improving executive presence skills.”

Executive coaches can help CEOs assess their current situation and determine what areas of growth are needed.
-A 2006 survey by Business Week found that 47% of CEO respondents said executive coaching had helped them improve their leadership skills over time.

-It’s important to note that after a recent study by Fortune Magazine, it was determined that 61% of all chief executives of large corporations in the United States are executive coaches.

It can be hard to manage a company, let alone your own life. This is where executive coaching for CEOs comes in. Executive coaches are trained to help executives through their many challenges and obstacles by providing guidance, mentorship, feedback, and accountability. They do this by working one-on-one with the executive or executive team member on an individualized basis.