At the best of times, bucks parties are hit or miss. Most of the time, it is a booze-fuelled fest at the local bar or at another low-quality restaurant because they’re “doing it for the money.”

But, know it; this day is all about you having as much fun as possible while not wasting money on a mediocre event.

It can be frustrating sitting on a bus for hours drenched in sweat after an evening of clay pigeon, paintball, or go-karting. Don’t get it twisted, these activities are great with so much fun, but they’re most times hosted at remote places, with time travel between locations dampening the mood. It will be to your benefit if you choose a central location with small-time travel times. Let the entertainment come to you by hiring a space.

Having a few games at your local bar may not be enough for such a day. You need to think carefully about what buck loves. Put together a few state-of-the-art tables if your buddy is a poker fanatic and bring on a professional dealer to handle the game.

The buck deserves a great time out on his last day of freedom, more interesting info here.