For many individuals, the traffic of sexual messages and images through WhatsApp has become seduction’s modern ritual. The term looks shiny, but you know, sure enough, what it is.

Sexting is when you combine “sex” and “ texting.” It means exchanging erotic messages (with or without photos) through the most diverse channels: cell phones, social networks, or chats.

People now use Whatsapp for sexting ( what is now known as Whatsapp sexting), and the reasons are not far-fetched:

  • A lot of people are conversant with Whatsapp and can easily navigate their way.
  • You can send photos with ease and as quickly as possible.
  • It has several features to help you advance your sexting goals.

Whatsapp sexting has come to stay and will be around for a long time to come. If you want to join the fray, now is the time.

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