Employees require health insurance to ensure their medical needs are taken care of. In case an employee loses the health benefit, some insurances are there to ensure they are covered. Here are factors that determine your eligibility to get cobra insurance.

When you Lose your Health Plans

If you resign from your work or get fired, you may lose your health plans. At this time, you qualify for this type of insurance. However, you only qualify if you did not lose your previous health plan due to crime.

The Group Health Plan is Eligible

Some companies that provide health plans offer this type of insurance to their employees. Therefore, if you are part of these companies, you are eligible for the insurance.

You have a Health Plan

Your family qualifies for the insurance if they are part of the coverage of your health plan at your work. It means they have to be part of the health plan for them to qualify for this insurance.


The above are factors that determine if you get this insurance. Consider them if you are an employee.