Cork or rubber yoga mat are not just the same things with a different material type. They differ in ways, like how they perform on your body. Which is cork or rubber better for you?
The cork mat has a natural feel to it that is similar to what you would find at home. The cork mat also offers more traction because of its texture and won’t slip around as much when water gets on it from sweating during class. This can be fixed by cleaning the mat regularly with soap and water to remove dirt and natural oils from the surface of the cork material. It’s also eco-friendly!
Rubber mats have a synthetic feel that some people prefer over cork because they can be used outside without worrying about damaging the environment like cork does due to its natural materials. Rubber mats are non-absorbent, so they are easy to clean and maintain. Rubber mats also offer a better grip for sweaty palms or hands, so you can’t slip around as easily when doing some of the more challenging poses in your practice.
Cork mats tend to be heavier than rubber ones, making it harder for some people to pick up.
These are some of the differences between the two types of yoga mats. Choose the one which fits your needs better.