While SUVs have been all the rage in the past decades, minivans are now growing in popularity, especially among families. In the past, minivans were seen as vehicles for soccer moms, seniors, and people who lacked a taste for style, but that attitude has been changing over the past several years.

Fresh and innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology have created a renewed interest in minivans. 2021 minivans offer some fantastic features and have all the comfort and style drivers are looking for in a modern vehicle.

Compared to SUVs, minivans offer many of the same great features and have similar passenger space, legroom, and room for storage. One significant difference between minivans and SUVs is that minivans get better gas mileage. More people are discovering all the many features and advantages minivans have to offer over SUVs and other vehicles in their class.