3M Paint Protection Film is 3m’s way of helping to protect your car from scratches, swirls, scrapes, and other forms of damage. 3M paint protection film has been around for a while now, so it’s time that you get some 3m to paint protection film on your car! 3M offers three different levels of paint protection films: 3M Clear Bra (basic), 3M Clear Bra plus (mid-grade), and 3M Ceramic Pro-Shield Plus (premium).

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of each level, their costs, and how to install them yourself.

What are the benefits?

3M Clear Bra (basic) is just that: a clear bra. Your paint is protected from rocks, bugs, and another minor contact with the car in everyday driving conditions. 3M Clear Bra Plus has added protection against UV rays and for more extreme environments such as snow & ice.

3M Ceramic Pro-Shield Plus offers the 3M Clear Bra Plus features plus protection against acid rain, saltwater, and UV rays.

Cost: 3M Clear Bra ranges from $40 to $70 for installation with the basic three panels; 3M Clear Bra Plus is priced at around $100-$120 per panel if you install yourself or about $250-$350 installed by a 3M authorized installer. 3M Ceramic Pro-Shield Plus is about $300-$350 installed by a 3M official installer.

Protect your car from the elements with 3M.