Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, targeted, and measurable channels available today. And email marketing agency Tampa companies know this! They leverage marketing to drive revenue and increase customer loyalty by delivering relevant content promptly. Suppose you’re looking for an email marketing solution that will help grow your business. In that case, it’s worth exploring what email marketing agencies can do for you.

What makes them unique?

They know that email remains the number one preferred channel for BtoB marketers. Email campaigns have a higher ROI than social, SEO and PPC combined. What makes email so powerful? It’s a permission-based platform where you control what content is being delivered to your audience’s inboxes – it’s 100% in your hands! You can also measure nearly everything about your email campaign: opens, clicks, unsubscribed, spam complaints, revenue generated from each email, as well as overall open rate and click-through rates against industry benchmarks.
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