There is a wide range of washable bed lining, which may be more economical for long term use. But, these days, they are being replaced with Disposable Bed Pads for the following reasons.

More Reassuring

These pads offer extra security because they can be used along with the washable ones. That way, you will be sure your mattress is fully protected. Also, for people who have a lot of movements, the new types serve them best.

More Comfort

These pads are more comfortable because they are made to make them feel like the usual underwear. They are also suitable for active users.


Another thing that makes people move from the traditional bed linings is the cost involved. When you compare to the new wadding, they cost more, and that is why people are moving away from them.


If you need to buy bed wadding, it is essential to know the user. How active the user is will determine the pads that are best to use. More active users may need disposable ones more than the others.