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Why RC Drilling Companies Use Reverse Circulation Drilling


Reverse circulation drilling essentially shoots a stream of air into a tube; the force generated backed by the tungsten drill bit it hits is capable of shattering rock. This allows drilling to 500 meters and can allow a miner to better differentiate between areas. RC drilling companies prefer this method because it delivers cleaner samples as well as more accurate drilling.

This translates to deeper drilling as well as better samples; the samples are usually dryer, less contaminated, and is ideal for harsh environments, making it a faster and more efficient process. However, less geologic information is gathered due to the pulverization of the material. It is also more expensive and requires better-maintained roads than other surfaces, and overall there are greater physical risks due to the nature of the drilling. Allowing for that, however, it is a method that should be explored for any company looking for a drilling solution.

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