Racism across America is at an all-time high, and racial tensions rise with each shooting, arrest, or mistreatment of Black American men by police, White supremacist groups, and racist corporations. Men of color have been dehumanized for centuries in America. As a result of that, dehumanization, racism, hate, and disrespect of African-American men in the U.S. now run rampant.

The key to healing this country and the world of racism against African-American men is rehumanizing men of color. One of the first steps to the rehumanizing process is understanding the plight and difficulty Black men face living in this country.

The media holds an essential key to understanding what black men face, endure, and how the rest of America sees them as citizens. Men of color must promote and demonstrate their responsibilities as contributing citizens and leaders in their families and communities. Men of color must take the lead, rehumanizing themselves for the rest of the world to follow.