Fans are celebrating their interest in the anime character Katsuki Bakugo of “Boku no Hero Academia”. He is its main character and maintains his stature in the shounen manga with his action-adventure lovers. His hair is spiky and blond. A Bakugo wig looks just like his hair but may appear in varying colors.

Those who wish to duplicate the look will have to employ some cutting, gel, and a great deal of finger styling to achieve the same look with natural hair or a wig. Synthetic wigs are far easier to style in this manner. Natural wigs will react much like your hair, making it exceedingly difficult to keep it in the spikes that will be necessary to mimic the Bakugo wig.

While it is a Gothic look, that is not what the character stands for. Instead, he is a deuteragonist, muscular, martial artist who fights for the things he prizes.