Coaching is a profession that has been around for many years and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The International Coach Federation defines professional coaching as: “a form of developmental guidance in which one person (the coach) provides another person (the coachee) with advice, feedback, suggestions, and resources to facilitate that person’s self-discovery process.” It can be beneficial to any individual who wants to improve their life situation.

1) Why should I need coaching?

– Coaching will help you identify your goals
– Coaching can provide support when you are struggling to move forward in the challenges of life.

2) How does coaching work?

Professional coaches use several different tools and techniques that fit with their personable style, making it easier for them to connect with clients emotionally, helping people get through some uncomfortable situations. Coaching sessions are usually conducted one-on-one or sometimes in groups depending on what the client is looking for. The coach focuses all attention on meeting personal needs by encouraging self-reflection within each session.

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