Is your exercise routine starting to feel boring? Then consider changing it up by adding, subtracting, or modifying some of the things you do. Get a TRX system and use it for your workouts at home.

Many have not been able to go to their gyms for a while now so they are stuck improvising exercises in the own homes. Maybe you have increased the number of squats and pushups that you can do. Now you’re wondering if that’s all that you can do.

A TRX workout can take your regular exercises and make them more fun. Lengthen the straps until they almost reach the floor. Go into plank position and insert your feet into the grips. Now you have a challenging push-up that will improve your stability.

Make your feet go higher to transfer more weight to your hands when you push up. Do this gradually until you are able to do pushups while your body is vertical. You can also do bicep curls, stretches, and other cool things with TRX.