There are several advantages of using insulated roof panels in your housing structure. It offers better energy efficiency compared to the stick frame. You will have reduced air leakage. These advantages mean you can install a smaller HVAC equipment and still get high quality cooling and heating efficiency. Your energy bills will come down. This high energy efficiency enables you to claim tax credits at certain places and for certain projects. Contact the installation contractor to learn more about these rebates and incentives. It offers a guaranteed payback so there is no reason why you should not use these panels to build your housing structures.

The roof plays an important role in protecting the residents of the home. It protects you from the inclement weather conditions. This strong material can withstand the harsh effects of a stormy weather. The labor cost involved in its installation is quite low. You will save not only on installation and labor costs but also on the material costs. A big part of this panel is made up of foam that does not cost as high as wood and concrete so your material cost comes down.