People who snore while sleeping have been said to have a breathing disorder that causes them to stop breathing during their sleep. Weighted blanket sleep apnea: reduce two of its causes by reducing cortisol levels and increasing oxytocin.

Cortisol can make you tense causing you to eat more and gain more weight, which can increase your snoring and your sleep interruptions. While increased oxytocin will give your body a sense of being held and comforted, relaxing you and allowing you to sleep more restfully.

Those who sleep with apnea sufferers will also tell you when they turn their partners on their sides while sleeping, they snore less. With a weighted blanket, they can sleep in any position. The conditions the weighted blanket stimulates are still present and the added oxytocin and reduced cortisol still occur.

Sleep apnea has been known to lead to death and investing in a weighted blanket is a limited investment that can lead to a huge return, an extended life span.