What is the Payroll hub for Zoho? It is a centralized, integrated payroll system that enables HR teams to simplify the Payroll process. It offers all payroll-related tasks in one place and eliminates the need for multiple systems. The software has been designed to provide an intuitive user experience with guided workflows, instant access to data, and quick calculations.

1) What are its Best Practices
– Integrates with other Zoho products such as CRM or project management etc.
– Pay calculations are quick and accurate due to the use of advanced algorithms that consider various criteria like overtime hours worked, bonuses paid, etc.

2) How do I get started?
To start using Payroll hub, you just need a company email ID which can be used after signing up on payrollhubapp.com. Free trials are also available to experience how it works before making an investment decision through them or contact sales@zohocorp.com if further assistance is required.

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