Many people are interested in personalized gifts. The amount of thought and effort put into a gift can make or break it for the recipient. Handmade gifts can be an excellent choice, which is great news for woodworking aficionados. But for those new to the craft, woodworking requires more skill than resources and here, you will need some practice for you to get proficient in the art. The best thing is to begin with small projects so that you don’t have a lot of waste.

 Continue reading and find out some of the projects you can undertake

Coffee table mats

You can make small wooden table mats of a square foot or even less. These are easy to make and don’t require expertise. You can make them using the extra pieces of wood or scrap wood. You can make a variety of styles that will be placed on a table. Cut the wood into four puzzles, add some text into each puzzle and this will make each more personalized. You could even inscribe on each the family member’s names.

Wooden Bangles

One thing many women love are bangles. A homemade wooden bangle, for instance, could be the best gift for your girlfriend, mom, or even your teacher. Bangles come in different patterns so you can try as many designs as possible. Do a specific bangle for each person; you’ll be surprised how this could emerge as a lucrative business.

Picture frames

When it comes to gift-giving, picture frames will never go out of style. It becomes more personal when you make it yourself from some pieces of wood. Simpler frames will require a jigsaw to help you cut the wood into manageable pieces. Horizontal pieces are usually longer than the vertical ones to leave room for overlapping later on. Join the pieces using wood glue or a metal fastener. For a more advanced picture frame, you’ll need a metered saw. The angle cuts are done in different dimensions from the previous ones and then joined. For a more appealing frame, finish with your preferred color. The picture frame is the easiest and a valuable gift you can make for your loved one.

Tree Art

If the recipient of your gift loves hanging things on the wall all over the house, it’s a great opportunity for you to gift them a wooden hanging materials. A DIY tree art is a tree-like jewelry hanging piece which you can place on a dressing table making it easy for you to access your jewelry. You can use it to hang jewelry or even other pieces that need to be hung.

Wooden slippers

This is another ingenious gift idea that you can use at home. You can either make it as functional footwear or just for display. They are good to wear,  although they can be a bit heavy. It serves as a perfect gift for someone special due to its uniqueness. The best thing with these slippers is that you can make as many styles as you wish.

DIY Woodworking projects are some of the incredible things you can engage in especially during your free time. If you’re ready to advance to more complex styles of woodworking check out Inventables. What you thought was your hobby could turn out to be your side hustle or even a lucrative business.