Catering Options for the Happy Couple

The wedding and reception are some of the most important events in a persons’ life. The cost of the big day can be extremely expensive. It can be a helpful idea to cut some expenses where possible. One of the easiest ways to cut some of the expenses is when it comes to wedding catering. It can be one of the most expensive items on the wedding list. There are many different types of wedding catering. It can be top of the line foods or it can be more down to home comfort foods.

Some of the top line foods for the wedding are filet mignon, salmon, prime rib and lobster. These can be expensive entrees to serve 100 or more guests. The wedding catering can be made less expensive by changing a few things, such as the entrees. You can choose grilled or baked chicken, and a vegetarian meal that is cheaper.

There are some less expensive ideas that a caterer can make and serve that will cost less and still taste great. The couple should look for a caterer that will make the kind of food that they will like and so will the guests. There are many different ways to go when it comes to the food for the reception. The couple can decide if they want to do it themselves or hire a caterer for the wedding that would be willing to accommodate the couples’ wishes.

They could set up a “Build Your Own Bar” that has meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. There is a basic buffet that can contain several different low-cost side dishes and low-cost proteins. It can be set up as a family-style serve meal, where the food is in communal bowls that feed that whole table.

Several selections of food can be served as entrees on a buffet or at the table by a caterer. Some of the vegetarian selections include vegetarian vegetable and couscous salad, cucumber-rolled fresh greens and peppers, and fresh salads. For the non-vegetarian guest, many different entrees can be served, such as seasonal foods with flavorful seasonings and sauces, fried chicken with macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes with biscuits, and fajitas and tacos. For something, a little different try the grilled chicken and cherry tomato skewers or squash, fresh fruit, and steak.

It is fast becoming a trend for the reception to have what they call food stations. These are different tables that are set up around the room that have regular food or snack foods on them. The guests help themselves as they want something to eat. Some of the regular foods can be items for making sandwiches with fresh salads, fruits, and vegetables with dip or they can go with sushi and Asian food station.

A different idea would be having snack food stations. They can be filled with many wonderful foods. They can do a popcorn station, sweet bars, and candy buffet, a cake or dessert, and a treat table, and there is the donut wall or station. They can have a pie station with regular pies and mini pies or a cookie station. These kinds of bars or stations are popular with adults and especially with the kids.

Instead of having a fancy bakery or the catering company make the wedding cake either buy one from the store. If you have a friend or know of someone that makes wedding cakes see if they will make one for the wedding. Another way to save money is to use disposable service ware, such as plates, cups, and utensils.