EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is now an everyday thing when it comes to products such as phones, laptops, routers, consoles, and computers. These products could have ill effects on the health of you and society as a whole. EMF radiation causes cancer and infertility in the worst-case scenarios. Although there is scientific evidence when it comes to EMF radiation, there are always going to be multiple factors in play. These factors being the age of the individual, proximity to the device or devices, and frequency of use. Many people think more studies are required, and more hard evidence is necessary to say that EMF radiation is a severe threat to our society’s health.

Even though there are skeptics, there’s no reason to ignore the possibility of being harmed by EMF radiation. That’s where EMF protection comes into play. There’s hundreds, if not thousands, of different radiation protection products. Some of these products may work; some may not, and this is what we’re here to discuss. One common source of EMF radiation is a laptop. The technology has advanced so that many times the products are quite sleek and thin in design. Some laptop shields may be carry cases, and some may be lap trays. Many of them claim to lessen radiation exposure to a massive degree. Although most EMF shields haven’t been tested thoroughly in a scientific environment, there are a few products proven to have at least 99% protection against EMF radiation. Make sure to look into FCC tested products first.

Another incredibly common source of EMF radiation is cell phones. Especially with new forms of cell phone reception such as 4G and 5G. Each successive kind of reception continues to strengthen the power of the radio waves. The new types of cell phone towers are possibly increasing the damage to society as a whole. Radio towers are essential to consider when thinking about radiation because of their consistent connection to our phones, but phones are just as crucial.

There’s also the phones themselves that put out radiation. Cellphones put EMF radiation out in use or left idle. Millions if not billions of people use their cellphones every day and in many cases, their cell phone has replaced their computer altogether. Like laptop radiation shields, cell phone radiation shields work much the same. Using different insulation materials to help block EMF waves from coming in contact with you. With the popularity of cell phones and the consistent use in our society. It is essential to look into an anti radiation phone case. An anti radiation phone case could save you or your loved ones from much pain down the road. It could help a couple have kids considering that EMF radiation is proven to decrease sperm count in men. EMF shields could also prevent different forms of cancer.

These radiation shields use gold-plated antennas or sheets of metal to reduce the amount of radiation that a cell phone is putting out. Some are unnecessarily bulky and, therefore, inconvenient, so it’s essential to look around and see which one best suits you. Although there are very few scientific studies done on EMF Shields when it comes to phone’s just the same as laptops, these products are worth the extra effort to prevent problems with your health and difficulties that you could face due to EMF radiation. Make sure when picking any product that the FCC has tested it. FCC testing is the only accurate way to know if the product will work as intended.