Architects are craftsmen responsible for the visual representation and appearance of the buildings and structure before the final product comes out and so they play one of the crucial roles in the construction arena. They form the designing of the building which is given a concrete push by the Structural BIM Services and MEP teams. Architect or an architectural firm is appointed by the client to develop the facility as per the requirements and design concept present in the minds of the client. From bringing about quantitative designing to creative aesthetics it is the architecture that brings about the look and feel of the building, which is developed using the architect’s vision and creative side.

Any architectural firm or architect has certain requirements that cannot be done in-house and so they need to partner with someone to bring about those capabilities for their team. Outsourcing BIM modeling services would mean that the architectural firm and businesses will have accurate designing and 3D models without investing in costly software or spending huge amounts of money and time to find, recruit or retain experts in-house.

Apart from assured quality and cost optimization, some important benefits that can come with partnering are:

  • Expand business and work on several projects simultaneously.
  • Save recruitment and time along with overhead costing
  • Data security guaranteed
  • The architectural firm can focus on key areas of the project

Understanding the importance of outsourcing architectural bim services, let us now see some of the services that architects need from their outsourcing partners:

Services Outsourced By BIM Outsourcing Companies That Are Valuable For Architects

Architectural 2D CAD drafting and detailing: This would include the preparation of 2D CAD drafts for architectural designs, floor plans, etc. Many outsourcing firms also aid architectural firms or architects in converting the blueprints or hand drawings, paper drawings, and markup drawings into technical CAD drafts with detailing like demarcation of the floor space, boundaries, carpet area, and much more.

3D Rendering: With this, there is the creation of models, presentations, and even animations by the BIM Services companies. The 3D model generated has detailed visuals having intricate detailing of lighting elements and texturing in residential, industrial, or commercial space designing. 3D rendering provides your project with a dynamic medium that is created with special effects that can be modified as and when needed.

3-dimensional Visualisation: In this, there is a development of 3-dimensional CAD models from 2D drafts and sketches. 3D Architectural visualization is one step ahead of rendering the models when we talk of the photo-realistic look of the project. This helps the architect to communicate his design intent with more clarity and precision as there is provision for detailed landscaping, creation of architectural scene, and generating light impacts on the model, which brings about easily marketability for the project.

Animation: This is a concept that makes a project virtually live and is one of the most popular services that a consultant or architect needs now for the architectural model designed by them. The ability to create walkthroughs, flythroughs, or a 360-panorama view of the model be it an industrial plant, an entire house plan, or a commercial building, thereby empowering the architect and increases his chance of selling the idea. The animation is that service which requires excellent skills for creating the exact look and feel of the design created by the architect into a perfect animated model.

3D Architectural Walkthrough: This brings about a 3D walkthrough into the model to bring about visualization of the constructed model from different perspectives even before the actual construction is in place. This helps in closing the deals much more effectively and brings about design changes related to color, texture, or any intricate details with much more ease and saves a lot of time and money.

Laser Scan to BIM Services: For refurbishment and renovation of architectural monuments or concrete old structures laser scan to BIM services is the best solution. This requires skills and expertise to convert the scanned data into as-built models which are in-line with the existing structure and the needs of the client. Outsourcing BIM Services becomes the best option due to the expertise present with the firms to not only convert the laser scans but bring about clash free models.

BIM Clash Detection and Coordination Services: For any architectural design or model generated it becomes important that it is in alignment with all the other trades like that of the structural model, MEP components, etc and so clash detection and coordination services become important. There is the detection of clashes at the early designing phase so that all elements perfectly sync in and if there are any errors, BIM coordination resolves them in no time. The final project becomes free of errors and clashes which bring about minimal re-work or wastage of material during the construction stage.

4D BIM Construction Simulation: With the usage of software like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks there is an alignment of the schedule, the timeline for the entire project going down to every single element or object. There is an outline of the entire lifecycle of the project schedule which means a stipulated time and schedule for the construction, development, operation, and maintenance of a construction project throughout its lifecycle is presented.

5D BIM Cost Estimation: The gap in the cash outflow is removed by the 5D BIM cost estimation services be it for any small or large projects. By attaching costing for every element of the project there is an overall estimation of the budget needed which helps avoid wastage expenses that will prevent you from draining financially. There will be reliable estimates for all the project raw material and resources which will help save big on time and money needs.

Virtual Staging: It is a process of enhancing the digital photos of a property using varied graphic software to bring about the digital build of the furniture. Like traditional staging, in virtual staging also one can add anything be it rugs, wall hangings, bed, or sofas. This can turn unfinished properties into eye-catching and attractive ones thereby increasing its value and marketability.

3-Dimensional Printing File Generation: For prototyping and 3D printing needs the existing designs of the architects can be easily converted to 3D BIM models. The simple ideas and designs can be easily transformed into architectural reality with ready-to-be-printed 3D models.

Having seen some of the Architectural BIM Services it becomes crucial to analyze which of the services need to be outsourced and which are the ones the architect or architectural firms are well-versed to perform in-house. While some firms might find it logical to partner for architectural walkthroughs and animation along with BIM clash detection and coordination only, many others would want to outsource everything. The overall idea of outsourcing is to make the project more cost-effective, qualitative, and speedy to bring about a high ROI.