Linguist Validation translation services are provided by experienced, professional translation agencies that make available validation reports and proofreading services for a wide variety of clients, from small companies to international corporations. A proofreading service may include grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks and checkers that analyze sentences for word repetitions and other irregularities. A proofreading service may include an exhaustive review of the translation and its adherence to the international standards for accuracy.

Depending on the requirements of a particular client, a proofreading service may provide verbatim translations (which means that all words in the text are exactly as they appear), paraphrase validation, or provide recommendations for improvement.

Validation refers to the process of checking that a document’s meaning is clear and accurate and reflects the correct use of a foreign language. There are different forms of validation, ranging from cultural, legal, or stylistic. Cultural validation is sometimes referred to as folk language or stylistic validation.