Acne is the overproduction of oil and a buildup of bacteria that contributes to pimples. Areas of the skin with the largest number of skin problems besides the face are the neck, chest, back, and shoulders. Acne Treatment can help alleviate these skin concerns.

The most common treatment for pimples are retinoids, antibiotics, Azelaic acid, and Dapsone. It is essential to treat acne early on because it may help prevent scars, prevent mild acne from becoming severe and decrease the likelihood you will need more potent medicine. Prevent acne by properly washing your face, know your skin type, moisturize your skin, use over the counter acne treatments, stay hydrated, limit makeup, don’t touch your face, and limit sun exposure.

To conclude, talk to your dermatologist or doctor soon and find additional information that will help you care for your skin.